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Why the detail information on 701Client will show A: On Duty?
3 Doors Interlocking Wiring for Electric Strike
How to connect Door Bell on AR-881E?
Network Troubleshooting Procedure
How to skip card checking for 821EF?
2 Doors Interlocking Wiring Structure
How to solve the problem of DO module misidentify UserA FP to UserB FP on 821EF-V5 and 881EF?
When connect 721U to 721H, the customer want to flash card and enter Pin by 721H, but just flash card by 721U, how to do?
Elevator Control AR-401RO16B Troubleshooting
How to enable duty shift table for V5 LCD controller ?(821EF, 829E-V5, 727H-V5)
How to Use Protocol to Read& Write 721H&727H Master Code via CommView?
One client inform us that he cannot connect AR-725E-V2 with PC by RS-485, but it can connect with PC by TCP/IP. What is the reason to cause this probl
Why did 701Client report always show “Controller online/offline” Message and some transaction log can not be received timely when connect TCP Controll
How to clear all messages which are saved in the controller?
Questions: In one site install 721H and 821EF-V5 and download the same user data to two reader at the same time, but the user is asked to only use FP
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